What is Search Engine Optimization?

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What is Search Engine Optimization?


By definition 'Search Engine Optimization' which is also known as 'SEO' is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines.

If that is still leaving you in a fog and needing clarity, here is just one example of Search Engine Optimization in in the real world.

Search Engine Optimization - Example 1

Let's say your a Real Estate Agent in Denver, Colorado and your goal is to generate as much business as you possible can via the internet and search engine optimization.

Imagine Tammy Homeseller is interested in selling her home in the Denver University area.

You as a Real Estate agent would love for her to go to your website and contact you for further information and to set up a listing appointment.

Let's say Tammy Homeseller go to her computer and in her google search window types in 'sell my home in Denver'.  This is where Search Engine Optimization comes into play.  Someone or some company has optimized their website to be preferrably ranked to show up when someone from their current location types 'sell my home in Denver' into their search window.

Who's website pops up?  Here are the results as of Oct 20th, 2014


Search Engine Optimization for beginners














Couple Search Engine Optimization - SEO items to note

Lets quickly cover the digital real estate of Googles Search Engine Results Page, shown above.

The boxes in Orange represent Pay Per Click Ads which are separate from organic Search Engine Optimization Results.  Pay Per Click aka PPC are another way that search engines allow users to get found.  For a lot of businesses Pay Per Click Advertising has proven to be very beneficial in driving traffic and results, however PPC is it's own animal and needs to be evaluated as a solutions based on your business and targeted audience.

The box in Green are your organic SEO results.  I know what you are thinking, you are thinking, what does organic mean?  In the Seach Engine Optimization world it simply differentiates search results into two categories, Organic and Paid.  Organic Search Engine Optimization means your listing result has nothing to do with Paying for Advertising and is based on following the latest Search Engine Optimization Algorithm for that particular search engine.

People and companies that follow quality Search Engine Optimization processes and practices are represented higher in the search results than those that don't.  You have to know and remember that the search engines goal and companies like Google, Yahoo and Bing is to provide the best quality results for the user/searcher.

With this said, I don't know one real estate agent that wouldn't want either their Organic website listing or their Pay Per Click Ad to show up in the top results of page one for the top Search Engine that their targeted audiences are using.

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We hope this helps, for further questions regarding Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click marketing, please feel free to contact us anytime.