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Video Marketing

There is no denying the fact that we live in a video generation. With the rise of and Vimeo, professional companies across the globe are beginning to use professionally managed video marketing programs to build brand affection with customers through viral video production. And as with well over 20 years-experience under our belt, the team at Social Business Solutions is ready to work with you to craft a targeted and highly captivating video marketing campaign.

Traditionally there are three elements to developing engaging video marketing programs:

  • Examine the Industry: SBS takes tremendous pride in delivering target-rich video marketing programs that expand your company brand identity. This process first begins with discovery by taking the time to examine current trends within your specific industry in video production. We then work with you and your marketing team to develop an effective plan to ensure any video marketing program we begin is completed with professionalism and will engage your audience.
  • Produce the Video: After creating a plan of attack, our expert video production staff will create an exceptional business video – with an emphasis on matching the quality your brand is known for.
  • Develop a Strategy for Cross-Web Promotion: Producing a quality video is useless without a proper strategy for placing it in front of your audience. This is why SBS takes the time to work with you to create an effective strategy for web promotion of the video. We'll work with you to determine how to launch the video, where to host the video and how to use all aspects of your online marketing program to introduce your video to the world.

Every video marketing program we develop is similar to every other service we offer – nothing but the best quality and always custom-built for your individual needs, desire and budget.  Contact us directly @ 720-443-3229 - click or email us today to learn more about the custom video marketing programs we can create and offer you.

We look forward to working with you.