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Secure Hosting

With the threats of cyber-attacks rising every day, smart businesses are beginning to invest time and money in protecting their valuable data. And without question, the best place to begin to protect your valuable files, communication and customer data is through secure hosting services powered by Social Business Solutions.

SBS has been a leading provider of secure web hosting services for several companies – from the small one-man operation to companies with thousands of employees. And just like every other online business solution we offer, each secure hosting service we build for all of our customers is custom made to ensure their data is 100% secure and easily accessible.

Some of the Secure Hosting services SBS delivers clients daily include:

  • Dedicated and Highly Managed Firewalls
  • Powerful SSL Certificate Protection powered by Reliable and Trustworthy SSL Vendors
  • Detailed Security Overviews, Risk Analysis and Frequent Security Updates
  • Cloud-Based CRM Solutions
  • E-Commerce Website Hosting
  • Custom Application Hosting

It is more important than ever to take proactive measures to ensure the safety and security of all business data. However, in today's online world, there are literally thousands of cyber thieves actively searching to steal your data, confidential files and access your customer's private information. With SBS Secure Hosting services, you can be certain that your critical data will be as protected as it can be. Using dedicated and highly secure internet servers, operating with redundant backups and powered by the best SSL security programs available, you can trust SBS to protect all of your data.

The secure hosting services we offer are highly trustworthy and always custom-built for your individual needs, desire and budget.  Contact us directly @ 720-443-3229 - click or email us today to learn more about the custom secure hosting services we can create and offer you.

We look forward to working with you.