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How does the Social Business Solutions referral program work?

It’s so simple!

Contact us for a referral agreement form.
We will also send you a Solutions list for you to share with your prospect.
Upon submitting a completed refer form one will be to take advantage of our referral program and any monetary discounts and incentives.

What to be an Affiliate Business Partner?

We invite anyone with a website to apply to become an affiliate business partner. It’s easy, and we have no minimum traffic requirements. All it takes is two simple steps:

Read our Affiliate Business Agreement
Contact Us for further details to get code necessary

Once your application is accepted, you will be directed to a menu of tools, including the Social Business Solutions logo, creative and code needed to set up your links.

* Please note that email marketing, search marketing and incentives can be used only with permission from Social Business Solutions. We have a zero tolerance policy towards adware and spyware.