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Pay Per Click Optimization

Online marketing is all about the ROI. Finding the best return on investment for every marketing dollar has been a focal point for several successful businesses over the past few years. And arguably, one of the best potential ROI platforms online today is Pay Per Click marketing. PPC or Pay Per Click marketing is best described as the advertisements you see along a side rail or in a banner on websites, mobile apps and some email accounts, think 'gmail'.  These advertisements are placed on websites based on target specific keyword placement that truly allows you to target a specific demographic based on their online search history.

Although setting up PPC programs can be very easy, the process of ensuring they deliver a company a positive ROI is highly complex. And the PPC experts at Social Business Solutions will work with you to develop a proper PPC strategy, create the mechanics to reduce costs and ensure success, and identify correct keywords that will achieve measurable results that you expect.

Here is a over arching recipe for success, clearly there is a lot more that goes into a well performing PPC account, we'll discuss that later.

  • Structure and Optimize Your Adwords Account
  • Select Optimized and Targeted Keywords
  • Attention Grabbing and Converting Ads
  • Select the appropriate landing pages
  • Track and measure who becomes your customer

Additionally, SBS will deliver several ancillary Pay Per Click services including:

  • Advanced Keyword Selection and Research
  • Identify High Conversion Rate Landing Pages
  • Manage PPC account settings and programs
  • PPC bid management and track clients ROI
  • Provide Monthly PPC cost analysis
  • Continually assess PPC programs and provide recommendations to ensure long term success

With any online marketing program, staying one step ahead of the competition is the only way to ensure successful results. This is why SBS takes pride in our ability to work directly with each client, fine-tuning their Pay Per Click program every month to increase their online conversion rates, increase their ROI which directly improves your bottom line profit.

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