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Contact Relationship Management

'Streamline All Aspects of the Complete Business Process'

Successful business endeavors begin and end with solid relationships. Whether you are a start-up or a successful business, they key to growth in any industry is efficient customer service. And one of the best tools available to help your business streamline and simplify all aspects of the customer relationship process is a custom-built Contact Relationship Management Solution or CRM platform.

In layman's terms, CRM is designed to manage all aspects of your company's communication supply chain. From organizing customer profiles that are easily accessible anywhere you travel, to creating a powerful cloud-based network of vendor contacts, sales leads and powerful business analytic reports that you can easily share with collaborative efforts, CRM has truly changed the way business is conducted world-wide.

The customized CRM platforms we design at SBS provide our clients several positive benefits including:

  • Mange all customer contact data in an easy to access and highly secure platform
  • Streamline all customer / vendor communications including email, voice mail and report monitoring
  • Easily track, record and resolve all customer related issues
  • Increase your company revenue by converting qualified sales leads
  • Improve customer satisfaction by providing up-to-the-minute details about their accounts
  • Manage all company files, provide access to files to authorized account holders
  • Share files, communication and information fast and easy with partners, vendors or other companies

The customized CRM solutions we develop at SBS can be accessed through your desktop, laptop and even mobile devices. We ensure 100% safety and security by using only the highest rated SSL security programs powered by extremely reliable servers – ensuring that you and authorized users can feel safe about having complete access to your vital data.

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