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Twitter 4 Real Estate Agents – Not Just Tweeting but Interacting

Twitter 4 Real Estate Agents – Not Just Twitting but Interacting

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Its not the 140 character limit of Twitter that is important, it’s what you do with 140 characters that m

Technology Changes – Very Interesting

Technology Will Kill

 All credit giving to Socialnomics for the video and information, they continue to have a very unique and interesting approach to presenting how the internet, technology and social media is changing our lives.

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With all of the changes that are taking place in and around the internet, many a companies are searching (some secretly) for ways to optimize and rejuvenate their internet marketing strategies. In addition to updating their website, quiet pos

Facebook Growth and SBS – Where will we be in 3 yrs?

Facebook - The world book.

Social Business Solutions and Facebook Its rather amazing to think that Facebook has only been around for 7yrs and mainstream only 5 of those. What was everyone doing prior to Facebooking? and what will everyone be doing 3 yrs from today? Any guesses